ACME Rewards

The More You Chat--the More You Earn

Acme Rewards is our customer rewards program. The more you chat, the more points you earn that can be traded for monthly gifts and an annual cash payout. This is our way to say thank you for your loyalty to Acme Chat.

How It Works

Every mailbox owner is enrolled in the Acme Rewards Program. You earn points for all the things you normally do in AcmeChat—check out the list below.

Monthly Winners–every month, the TOP FIVE point earning mailboxes will receive gifts as a reward for being at the top of their game.

Annual Earnings—At the end of the year, the points you earn will be converted into cash refunds that you can apply to buy services or we can refund to you in cash. You earn $1.00 in cash for every 2000 points earned.

How to Earn Points

Now you will earn points for all the normal things you do In AcmeChat. The chart below shows the points you earn for each potential activity in Acme Chat.

Monthly Awards

Every month the top five mailboxes that earn Acme Rewards points will receive prizes. Prizes will be awarded as gift cards or AcmeChat packages. The winners choose how they get paid. Gift cards will be available from Amazon, Apple, Target or Walmart and will be delivered via text.

Annual Awards

During the year, every mailbox earns Acme Rewards points that will be refunded as cash. That is why we say that the more you chat, the more you earn. Your annual points may be redeemed as cash, gift cards, or applied to system purchases. Annual points automatically roll-over into the next year of the program until you redeem them. Points expire if not redeemed within two years of being earned.

Disclaimer: Participation in Acme Rewards is voluntary, and no purchase is necessary. All mailboxes are automatically enrolled in the program. Annual reward points are calculated at $1.00 per 2000 points earned. Members acknowledge that and Penguin Marketing Group, Inc. will tabulate all points and members accept the tabulation they produce. Tabulations will be completed and verified by January 15th of the following year and prizes will be ready to be redeemed by March 1st. To earn points for referring new members, the new member must reference your mailbox during the set-up of the mailbox and our customer service department has verified the unique telephone number of new members. Points for “Best Greeting” will be added to your account if the customer service department designates your greeting as a winner—this is a weekly award. Penguin Marketing Group, Inc. may, at their sole discretion, limit cash payments of annual cash rewards until they total a minimum of $5.00.